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OrderFast not only makes it easier for small businesses to place their orders, it also streamlines the order receiving process for suppliers. Suppliers that receive their orders through OrderFast rave about its benefits.

Benefits of OrderFast for Suppliers

1. Import into your P.O. System

OrderFast can provide Excel files of your client's orders that can be directly imported into your P.O. System.

2. Save Time

By reducing phone calls, e-mails, and faxes from your clients you reduce your processing time and costs for every order.

3. Save Money

Our proprietary predictive ordering model assists businesses to order based on trends and usage. In turn, this assists suppliers by reducing possible returns of unused stock, out-of-date stock and credits to clients.

4. Eliminate Errors

Any time data entry is used to process phone, fax, or e-mail orders there's a chance of entering the order incorrectly. OrderFast eliminates this chance for errors.

5. Effective Communication

OrderFast keeps comprehensive records for each client on their purchase order. Clients always know what they ordered and this will always match the order the supplier receives. No more miscommunication, just great customer service!

6. Insightful Reporting

OrderFast provides suppliers with insightful and analytical reporting providing information on your clients and industry trends.

7. Enhanced Marketing & Advertising Opportunities

Have you ever:

OrderFast can push through promotional items and limited time offers in a variety of ways. We can also provide comprehensive reporting on the success of these marketing and advertising campaigns.

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