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OrderFast is a simple, easy-to-use, insightful system packed full of awesome features.
Once you start using it, you won't be able to stop!

Quick & Easy

OrderFast is very intuitive and requires little to no training. It's simple to use and lets you place your orders in minutes.

Quick & Easy

OrderFast is very intuitive and requires little to no training. It's simple to use and lets you place your orders in minutes.

Categorise Suppliers and Stock Items

Categorise all products from different suppliers into groups such as Frozen, Cool Room etc.

Receive Purchase Orders

OrderFast generates Purchase Orders which are automatically sent to the supplier and a copy is sent to the store.

Control and Monitor Inventory

OrderFast allows you to continually update your stock-on-hand. Enter your stock amounts and OrderFast then automatically calculates the next order amount needed.

Customised for You

Each supplier in OrderFast is created for your business. Order days, cut-off times, stock items and prices are all unique to your business.

Intuitive Ordering

OrderFast's proprietary predictive ordering model takes the guesswork out of ordering. Simply enter the current stock-on-hand and OrderFast will calculate the amount to order based on your order history. You can also place orders using a manual Build To functionality.

Enhanced Control

With different access levels, OrderFast allows users access to orders, or reporting, adding or deleting users, stock items and so on.

Systematic & Seamless

Order as much as you want, when you want, without the long process ordering generally involves.

Scale to Your Business

Have more than one business? No problem! OrderFast will allow you to control and order stock for multiple businesses, all with the same login on the same device.


We use industry-standard security and encryption technologies to secure your data.

Order History

View all your past orders and old purchase orders.

Optional Authorisation

Orders can optionally require management approval, including a 'maximum orders per day' limit, letting you control how much you order and when you order it.

Insightful Reporting

OrderFast has developed reports to help you make better ordering decisions. With industry comparisons, product and supplier suggestions, we can provide valuable financial benefits to you and your business.

Direct Contact with Suppliers

OrderFast allows you to communicate with your suppliers in an effective way without the hassle of excessive calling and e-mailing.

We keep up with the Technology

Use OrderFast with all your devices and access it anywhere, any time. Android, iPhone, tablet, PC & Mac compatible.

Full Integration

OrderFast integrates with many accounting and P.O.S. solutions, including MYOB, Xero and supplier P.O. systems.

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