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It's FREE and ALWAYS will be

OrderFast was developed for small business, by small business. We understand that cashflow is king and our app puts this front and centre. OrderFast is free for small businesses and always will be.

Save Money

With its predictive order modelling, OrderFast helps you make stock level decisions for every item for every order, reducing stock-on-hand levels, reducing your weekly and monthly bills and freeing up your cashflow.

Save Time

OrderFast takes the time out of stock ordering. With the majority of the workforce owning mobile phones, quick stock counts can be done on your mobile - saving time to focus on your customers!

Keeping Up Is Our Thing

OrderFast uses the latest technology and works with any smartphone, iPhone, iPad or PC. We keep up with technology, so you don't have to!

Insights by OrderFast

OrderFast provides weekly and monthly reports that give insightful analysis into your ordering and stock levels, helping you make better decisions. With industry comparisons, product and supplier suggestions, we can provide valuable financial benefits to you and your business.

Complete Integration

OrderFast integrates with many accounting and P.O.S. solutions, including MYOB, Xero and supplier P.O. systems.

Complete Control

Control and communicate your orders... your way. OrderFast is the missing piece of the puzzle you've been looking for.

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